Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sarah and Mike's Wedding

While we'd been through Engaged Encounters and counseling at my husband's Catholic church, Rev. Evans spent the time with us to make sure we were ready to be married (not just have a wedding day).

She helped us create a very Christian but non-denominational service (working with both my/my husband's backgrounds) that was meaningful to us - and then went on to surprise us at the ceremony with a twist that brought it all together.

After the wedding, several of his closest friends (some of whom had never been to a non-Catholic ceremony - and definitely not one conducted by a woman) couldn't stop telling us how moving and wonderful it had been.  We couldn't agree more -- and 5+ years and counting it must have "taken"! 

Thank you, Rev Evans!

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  1. The bottom pic of this post? Pure Sarah. Love it.